Awards was a success!  Thank you everyone that hung around after the race and celebrated with us.


​​​​​New Changes and Reminders:

Nationals has set the guidelines for qualifying for our State Championships. You must compete at three races in your district. That is three different months not run three horses at one race. Once you qualify you can run as many horses at you would like at State. If you want more information let me know or go to our California website.

We will be closing entries 30 minutes before the open starts. This is to give us time to complete the draw and prepare for our race. We want to be ready for that first rider and not be trying to reorganize from the last minute rush. If you prefer not to arrive early no problem you can pre enter. I have attached a tally sheet. You can fill it out and mail it to me with a check before the race. Darla Frye 9438 New Colt Ct. El Cajon CA 92021. You can even pick which drag you would like. You can cancel your entry at anytime before the draw. Your money and paperwork must be in our hands 30 minutes before the open. Standing in line doesn't count so allow a little extra time or mail in your entries. We won't turn you away if you enter right before the race, but you will have to pay a late fee of $20/horse. We will not except an entry without payment. If you are entering for a friend then you need to be prepared to pay there fees.

You must turn in a $50 sponsorship before you can start earing points. Please help spread the word and remind everyone to turn in their sponsorships.
To qualify for year end awards you must run at 50% of the races. We have a great district with awesome members. I always get comments on how everyone is so friendly and welcoming at the races. Everyone steps in to help out and do their part to help produce our races and it is very much appreciated.

Let's all enjoy the barrel race and have a great time. We are lucky to be doing something we love. Take some time to slow down, take it all in and smile.....


Bill Edwards Tractor driver of the year
Don't forget to thank Bill for his endless support and for making the ground as good as possible.  Bill goes the arena days before the race to start working so he puts a lot of effort in for us!  Please make sure to thank Bill and all the other district 20 tractor guys without them we wouldn't have the best ground possible!​