Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day for a barrel race in a gorgeous location. Thank you to Rick and Velva Price for hosting us yesterday and to Bill Edwards and Rick for working the ground. I know everyone is anxious to see the results so they can start tabulating points. After Donna finishes the points I will send them out for a final check by the members. I also will start working on year end awards.

Once again thank you to everyone who helps at the barrel races. Yesterdays race ran so smooth and it is all because of the amazing group of people who come together to help.
A special thank you to Lori Cooper who does an outstanding job taking entries, announcing and keeping all the paperwork organized at the races. She truly is the reason District 20 races run so efficiently. Thanks Lori for making me look good all these years. I never could have done it without you. I roughly figured it out and I think you have run about 3,000 riders over the last five years. I can only think of two occasions we have missed a time and you always got down barrels recorded. Your one in a million.
​The suspense is over. Here are the points from the last race. Congratulations to all the year end winners. There where some close races. Remember that you must have run at four races. Ties will be broken by how many times you placed in that division. If still tied we go to who ran the fastest time when both riders ran at the same race.
Please check them over carefully and let me know of any errors.
I am working on the year end awards now as far as monies amount and how far down we will go. I am just waiting to get the amount of our insurance refund and a refund from NBHA State.